Stepping off the plane…

Stepping off the plane my first thoughts were:

  • Well this precisely what an airport normally looks like, surely???
  • It’s bloody warm!!! (The snow in New York combined with the fact that I knew we were due to land at 11pm, made me think it was a good idea to wear a jumper. Big mistake – it was about nineteen degrees when we landed).
  • I was half expecting to have some difficulty breathing because of the altitude (Bogotá is about eight and a half thousand feet about sea level – compare that to London’s mere 23 feet above sea level), but it actually wasn’t that difficult. It’ll probably kick in when I start walking around a bit more, I guess.
  • Spanish really is ubiquitous. Bugger.

Being driven through the town to the accommodation where I’m temporarily staying, the whole place reminded me of a cross between East Berlin and Venice. Lots of old buildings that are semiderilict and seem to be left in state of disrepair to add some sort of ‘character’ to the place, whilst simultaneously half covered in graffiti.

We’ll see how things pan out.


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