Food I

Well, I guess any travel related writing must at some point address the culinary issue, and this is my (first?) stab at this subject.

Having been here barely a week I´ve already been exposed to a number of different foodstuffs of note and interest.

Ajiaco I used to very much be of the opinion that soup is not a substantial meal however my recent experience of ajiaco has very much changed that. admittedly my sole experience of this is from the university canteen and what I sampled is thus probably nowhere near as good as the best stuff, but even so. The accompaniments with it are filling: rice, chicken and corn, but even so the enormous helping of the soup itself, which is relatively thick and creamy is very substantial.

Fruit Just about every street corner seems to have half a dozen people milling around with huge carts of various fruit for sale. For a mere 1000 Pesos (about 30-40 pence) you can have the best mangos, watermelons or avocados you´ve ever tasted, not to mention more exotic things not easily bought in Europe such as lulo.

Huevo al Gusto I´ve always been a big fan scrambled eggs. scrambled eggs mixed with tomatoes, onions and a couple of other things (I gather it sometimes contains ham) is simply to die for. Great hangover cure too it seems. 😉

Club Colombia I was always expecting the beer to be not very good – a sort of Pilsner lager type affair, but this stuff really takes this piss. Being almost universally available, having a name that´s easy to remember and being relatively cheep, it´s the sort of thing everybody drinks – and hates. The taste is bland, its alcohol content weak and of course being fizzy is rarely a good thing in a beer.

I´ll hopfully have a few more dishes to talk about on a future date.


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