A dry weekend

Picture the scene. It’s a Friday night and you fancy a ‘swift half’ before going home. You pop into a nearby respectable beverage vender and the response to the natural request of “Quisiera una cerveza por favor” is a can of Aguilla and a polite request for 2,000 Pesos. Nothing unusual or untoward there.

Then you go back to the shop and ask for a second can. The slightly worried looks on their faces results in them serving the can in a brown paper bag. A little odd, but we’ll play along. This was the last beer I was able to procure. Later that evening two bars and two branches of a supermarket all refused service. You ca imagine how confused I was at the time (and arguably still am).

It turns out that the cause of the problem was…an election. Yes. I know. DEMOCRACY GONE MAD!!!!!

It seems that the law states that during the weekend of an election, no alcohol can be sold from 6pm on the Friday until the Monday afterwards. At least I know for next time.


2 Responses to “A dry weekend”

  1. Bob Heffernan Says:

    You should try living somewhere where the law states that on *every* weekend (as well as very weekday) no alcohol can be sold. It’s theocracy gone mad!

  2. Election Fever « From Calculus to Columbia Says:

    […] tells us that democracy doesn’t work. Instead I’ll point out that because of elections, as previously noted it is quite an odd time for a British person to be here. You see, not only there the general […]

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