Tropical Rain Storm

So moving to a tropical climate for the first time I was bound to find weather a bit different, especially given the recent weather in the UK (I still can´t get over that striking satellite picture from January). Strangely this has not quite been the case, but for good reasons. You see we are currently in the middle of a la Niña. Briefly, everyone has heard of the opposite, the climate pattern El Niño, because of the sort of news stories it generates like this, this, this and this. Being the opposite, la Niña tends to get much less attention in the news, so is not so well-known, particularly in more milder climes like those found in England.

I digress!

The point is that it rained here properly a few days ago for the first time since I arrived (most days we get a brief bit of rain, but what I’m now talking about was really something else). Boy did the heavens open! You could almost literally SEE the clouds getting thinner (or more accurately the distant mountains became clearer) because of how much of the clouds was now falling to Earth. We´re not talking pathetic English drizzle, we’re talking real The-End-Is-Nigh kind of weather.

Anyway, it rained recently. Well…I thought it was note worthy…even if you don’t.


One Response to “Tropical Rain Storm”

  1. Mark Williamson Says:

    It’d be nice to have some apocalyptic weather here but only at scheduled times so I can be ready for it…

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