Election Fever

So, as a mathematician, I could at this point drivel on about game theory or why Arrow’s theorem tells us that democracy doesn’t work. Instead I’ll point out that because of elections, as previously noted it is quite an odd time for a British person to be here. You see, not only there the general “OOOO PICK ME SIR, ME SIR, PICK MEEEE!!!! game, there´s also the ongoing Colombian presidential elections.

Under the Colombian constitution the current president cannot stand for a third term, so there’s everything to play for. Amusingly, one candidate that has actually been doing pretty well in the polls recently is an eccentric mathematician. To put you in the picture, while this guy was lord mayor of Bogotá he

– hired 20 mimes to make fun of traffic violators (traffic fatalities dropped by over 50%);
– took a shower in a TV ad campaign to promote reducing water consumption (which has remained 40% lower ever since – well how would you respond to seeing your mayor naked on TV?) and
– put in place a “Women’s Night”, on which the city’s men were asked to stay home for an evening to look after the house and the children.

Somehow seems it makes you wonder why British politicians cannot be more creative and less like bafoons.


2 Responses to “Election Fever”

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