Like any major city, Bogotá was filled with rioting. As previously mentioned, on a good day, the center of Bogotá is normally patrolled by numerous policemen, soldiers, guns and dogs. On Mayday, however, the security services went into overdrive.

All the real trouble took place in the morning when I happened to be in my office, barely fifteen minutes walk from the center (itself barely ten minutes walk from where I live). Indeed, I was unaware of anything having been going on until I popped into town that afternoon. They must have mobilised every policeman and soldier for miles around. Every bank had been attacked in some way, mostly with paint balls, but in some cases smashed up too. Literally, in ever direction you looked from almost any point in the center there where whole gangs of policemen guarding almost anything that wasn’t meant to be moved. Altogether they must have been an army of hundreds, if not 1000+.

I’m just glad wasn’t there in the morning. A colleague of mine had made that mistake last year…and got teargased as a consequence!


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