Initially it seemed that being in a timezone that was far removed from any and every thing I had ever known wouldn’t work out so well. Bizarly, th¡s seems to have recently changed to the opposite scenario – I’m in the perfect timezone for keeping up with British culture.

Firstly there is of course the world 20 20 in the windies. For most people in Britain, the games are scheduled to coincide with rush hour/sorting out dinner making keeping up with them a bit inconvenient. Here, I return to my desk after lunch just in time for the start of the marvellous TMS commentary.

Secondly, there was of course the UK’s recent descent into a banana repulic (and sadly in more ways than one). Why on Earth they still insist on doing these things on Thursdays is beyond me, but clearly very few people could watch that night’s extraordinary events unfold. In principle I could have stayed up and watched most of it, but after the first four hours or so it all got a bit too depressing (and there was a lot to be depressed about). Even so, I suspect I kept up with more of it than most.


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