Back to Blighty

So the ‘summer’ holidays are upon us (people here seem to treat this as winter, and whilst it is slightly cooler than when I first arrived it’s not substantially colder and we are still technically in the northern hemisphere here, so it’s not really fair to claim that it’s now winter). General expectations seem to be that hanging around for June and July is not the done thing, so I’m flying back to the UK tomorrow (unless I miss my flight). There are many many many good reasons to be returning.

I see very little point in continuing to write blog entries during this period, so I guess this will be my last entry until the end of July I suppose.

Since I’m not in the UK very much these days I’m naturally trying to squeeze in visits to all manner of different people and places – the next few weeks will see me visiting London at least three times, Birmingham twice and at least one trip to each of Cambridge, St Andrews and even deepest dakest Maidstone as well as occasionally being in my hometown of Leeds. Based on comments made on previous posts this blog certainly has readers as far afield as Bristol and Manchester (or is that Necastle these days?) Anyone wanting to say hello, just drop me a line!


One Response to “Back to Blighty”

  1. Bob Heffernan Says:

    How is it that you get the attend the PGTC? I’d absolutely love to have gone (I’ve never been to St Andrews) but I assumed that we Drs were excluded.

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