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¡Hola Todos!

July 31, 2010

So I´ve been back for a few days having had a good few weeks in the UK – visiting friends, speaking to collaborators and even attending the odd conference.

Having not been back for very long there´s not exactly much to report, so I take this as a prime opportunity to post a link I´ve had “in reserve” for a while. This article on collaboration with authors in developing countries, appeared in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society a few weeks before I arrived in Colombia. Now that I´ve had a while to be on the receiving end of it I can testify for much of the article´s accuracy – I have certainly experienced difficulties in getting access to books and journals (though thankfully friends in all the right places have helped me to work around this). Not so sure I agree with his views on internet access and trends in publishing, though perhaps my University´s internet access is unusually good. The heavy teaching load too is (unfortunately) something that will be hitting me quite hard this coming term, though I suppose it will look good on my CV in the long run.

Anyway – more of the usual next time, I suppose!