7AM lectures

So, the first week of the semester has passed. Given that it’s still August, this in itself of course sounds absurd. It gets worse.

Last semester colleagues had told me that it was neither unknown nor uncommon for lectures to be held at 7AM. Luckily all my lectures last semester were in the afternoons, but this time around things are quite different. Every Tuesday and Thursday I have to get up at silly o’clock in the morning, just to tell a room of half asleep students (assuming they got out of bed in time to actually turn up) the dull basics of linear algebra for 80 minutes. That’s not a typo – lectures start on the hour and end at 20 minutes past the hour. By three-quarters of the way through, I really don’t think anyone, myself included, is still concentrating.

You’ve got to wonder who or what gets anything out of extra-long lectures held at this odd time of day and if the timetabling is really so crammed full that lectures can’t all be held at a more sensible time. Still, there’s only another four months until this semester’s teaching is over.


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