Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Okay, I am so very very sorry for how heavily delayed this post has been – every attempt to argue with the wordpress website to upload some pictures

Well, I finally got round to buying a camera and making use of it. So, here are a few pictures of Bogota. They’re primarily of La Candelaria the area where I live and the area where the university is. Hopefully other places will be pictured in due course.

The first three show what happens at the end of the street I live on. On Sundays marquees erected by the local authorities are used by the poor to try and make a bit of money selling what few things they have to sell (none of which is worth buying). This is quite a depressing sight to see, but it’s difficult to avoid it.

The next four depict various views of Plaza Bolivar – the main central square about ten minutes walk away, where various things we’ve mentioned before happened (as well as several we haven’t). The statue in the centre is of Simon Bolivar – the man basically responsible for liberating South America from the Spanish (think Winston Churchill – that’s how people seem to basically seem to think of/revere/view the man).

The next one is a view of the Gabriel Garcia Marquez centre, a large cultural centre about 3 minutes walk away from Plaza Bolivar. Basically a big ‘space’ where Spanish language events happen with a couple of businesses such as Juan Valdez tagged onto the side and a large Spanish language book shop. A nice place to go and sit and have a coffee watching the world go by for a while.

The final picture is the view from my office window – the church on the mountain top is Cerro Monserrate which dominates the skyline around the centre.

More later! xxx


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