Food II

So this week has been the ‘semana de trabajo individual’ (ie reading week) so most of my colleagues and almost all of the students have been absent, making for a very uneventful week. This is a perfect opportunity to write a long overdue squeal.

Consider the following foods:

-Kidney beans
-pork rind
-white rice
-fried eggs
the fruit plantain
-ground meat
-pork sausage

A slightly odd list, I’m sure you would agree. Some of these (fried eggs and sausages) would not seem out of place in full English whilst others like kidney beans and avocado are generally found in the realms of health-freakery and only occasionally further afield than that.

Surprisingly, serving them all together on an oval shaped plate makes for quite a pleasing combination – welcome to Bandeja Paisa. Whilst this is most closely associated with the Paisa region of Colombia, it is readily available all over the place – indeed the University canteen will serve it at least once most weeks. A very enjoyable dish!


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