I’m sorry for having not posted in a while – the whole exam thing really got a bit excessive. Anyway, I am now sat in Bogota’s Eldorado airport waiting for a horribly delayed flight. This may seem a little early to be returning toEngland, afterall there’s still more than three weeks of shopping days until Christmas. The point is that from Monday I will be starting a temporary lectureship in London. A corollary of this fact is that I will probably not be returning to Colombia. It’s been an enjoyable few months – Colombia is clearly a very beautiful country with many really nice people in it. Many of the students far exceeded my expectations of their mathematical abilities and the University as a whole was far better organized than I expected. I even surprised myself with how much Spanish I managed to pick up (not an impressively large amount, but a large amount by my standards – languages were always my weak point).

It is unlikely I will ever return. In terms of collaborations with other mathematicians there’s one thing that might come through and something else that’s a bit of a long shot, but I doubt either of these things will bring me back. My interests are simply too different from most of the other mathematicians here.

Would I recommend coming here to others (not as ridiculous as it might at first seem)? I suppose I would, yes. The language barrier has been incredibly frustrating and the teaching load frankly ridiculous, but the experience as a whole seems to be worth it and someone more inclined to really “throw themselves into it” could easily get a lot out of being here.

Colombia – Adios!


One Response to “ADIOS”

  1. LA I Student Says:

    Good bye, Ben. I have to say, you have been an excellent teacher, so I can only say, thanks a lot!
    Lots of luck in your next job!
    Yours sincerely,
    The undergrad who stayed after 7am Linear Algebra I to ask about Markov chains, Cantor, fields, etc.

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